January blues

After having a crazy busy last couple of months working two jobs, visiting family in Ireland and Finland and generally running from one place to another over the festive period it’s been weird and unfamiliar to have more time to myself again and as a result the January blues hit me hard. I enjoy spending time at home but I’m very much an over-thinker and easily end up in an anxiety induced slump instead of making use of my free time to do the things I enjoy doing and be creative when I’m not on the move constantly.

The new year has most of all made me reflect on how things and I have changed in a decade as 2008 was an especially eventful time for me – from entering adolescence and starting in a new school to discovering lots of new interests and transforming my style (I’m getting flashbacks to green Converse and several skull pattern hoodies that I wore religiously). I’ve also been reconnecting with a lot of my favourite albums back from when I was a teen and seeing Paramore the other week definitely had a lot to do with it. It’s amazing how a band that I’ve listened to since I was 12 years old continues to make music that I love and that their songs still resonate with me despite being in a completely different place now. This month has been quite a struggle and it’s reminded me of just how much of an important part music plays in all aspects of my life (something which should be pretty obvious by now but I often take it for granted and forget to truly appreciate it). So I guess my point is if you’re feeling stuck and unaccomplished put your favourite heart-wrenching songs on repeat and think about how far you’ve come since the first time

On a side note – I’ve been bumping into a lot of friends and familiar faces in the most unexpected situations and places all around London recently. It blows my little mind how in a city the size of mine it’s still possible to end up in the same spot at exactly the right moment and how if, for example, I hadn’t gotten held up in a queue to get somewhere or I’d decided to take another route it wouldn’t have happened. Without sounding too deep I like to think that’s the universe telling us it’s on our side sometimes and that things do tend to eventually work out for the better. *cringe emoji*

Heather x



I’ve been missing Oslo a lot in the last couple of weeks so I thought I’d share a little more insight into our trip there back in May. My friends and I spent five sunny days exploring the city and it definitely became my favourite place I’ve visited so far. We stayed in a dreamy Airbnb flat in Grünerløkka – a vibrant district with lots of street art, independent cafes and vintage boutiques.




IMG_4384On our first night we trekked up the hill to Ekebergparken and it was absolutely worth it to see the gorgeous city views in the sunset.










The weather was incredible every day which resulted in lots of iced coffee runs, boozy picnics in numerous parks and soaking up the sun on the roof of The Opera House. A walk through Majorstuen on the west side of Oslo provided us with the most idyllic streets and luxurious buildings you could imagine. We accidentally stumbled upon Telthusbakken, a street lined up with cute old multicoloured wooden houses which I was really happy about as I had seen pictures from there but forgotten to add it to our list!







The Botanical Garden was down the road from our flat which we ended up going to twice as we enjoyed it so much, as well as to Blå by the river Akerselva which we discovered has a surrounding market on Sundays. Usually when I do city trips I only stay for a few days so having more time to explore so many different parts of Oslo without having to rush through places and even revisit the best ones was lovely. We all love SKAM too so seeing some of the filming locations around the capital was particularly exciting. We even got lucky enough to bump into Tarjei from the show on our second day there which was totally unexpected!

I completely fell in love with Oslo and couldn’t have been happier with the neighbourhood we chose to stay in, I was ready to pack up my bags in London and move. I have been learning Norwegian this year so perhaps one day…

Heather x

My first real blog!


I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for as long as I can remember but back when I was 14 years old tumblr seemed like an easier and more fun alternative (and thankfully I did only use that during my prime emo days). However now that I’m older and I do more potentially interesting things I decided it was about time I gave this a go.

This weekend marks my three year London anniversary! To anyone who doesn’t already know I grew up in Finland and moved to London when I was 18 which was the best decision I ever made. I’ve been travelling a lot this year so I will probably talk about my trips here as well as my beloved city, music, style and anything else that inspires me.

Heather x